From the archives. This post is one of several brief overviews of projects I've designed or built in the past which I'm including in my new site. Bear in mind that both the work and the write-up in these are up to a decade old now!

Just Keep Walking

April 30, 2017 1 min read

My wife tries to keep track of how much time we spend walking our dog—we have a husky, so it’s a lot of walking—but the apps available never quite fit what she wants.

They’re usually too complex and often require geolocation, whereas she just wants to be able to track the amount of time without worrying about data usage or anything else. Another option would be a stopwatch app, but they’re usually too simple.

It was a perfect opportunity to use some tech that I had been learning; Just Keep Walking is the result!

It’s a simple walk tracking app, built using React, with an IndexedDB database interacted with via Dexie.


The features so far are a stopwatch-style counter on the homepage, tap to start/end a walk, and a log page listing previous walks, including a delete walk function. I’ve also configured the webpack offline-plugin so that the app is available when disconnected from the internet as a progressive web app.

Note: once I have some time I intend to re-create this using React Native!

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