From the archives. This post is one of several brief overviews of projects I've designed or built in the past which I'm including in my new site. Bear in mind that both the work and the write-up in these are up to a decade old now!

CRUW Wellington

May 02, 2013 2 min read • Open 

CRUW is a small charity based in Wellington, New Zealand, dedicated to the care and rescue of urban wildlife. As a new charity they had been using a stock image of a sparrow as their logo, and wanted a new identity which would be unique, simple, and stylish, and which would represent their care for the native and introduced species found in their area.

The logo I created includes silhouettes of two birds: a sparrow and a kaka. Sparrows are a species introduced to New Zealand by Europeans, whereas kaka are native to the country, so the two combined are a great representation of the inclusive nature of the charity. I used Illustrator to create the logo, combining a clean and crisp silhouette with a textured background to add a little more character.


I also developed a set of stationery using elements from the logo.


Finally, I developed a fairly basic website for the charity, since the client wanted to have a web presence but did not want to spend too much time maintaining it. As with the stationery, I used the aesthetic of the logo to inform the design of the site, keeping it simple while evoking a rough and tactile feel. I hand-coded the site mostly using HTML, with a small amount of PHP for repeated elements.


To put the birds front and center, we added a splash section to the homepage, which features another bird native to New Zealand—a Tui—and the single-colour version of the logo. The simple interaction used here was written using jQuery.

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