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Dynamic Interval Operator

Rxjs has such a variety of operators that it's taken two years for me to write one which can't be built using the lazy approach. Let's look at what the problem was, and how we can solve it!

11 min read

Impostor Syndrome vs the Dunning-Kruger Effect

To find the sweet spot between impostor syndrome and overconfidence, you first need to understand that you can make mistakes without it reflecting on your competence.

4 min read

Explorers and Architects

How does the famous divide in the writing community apply to programming?

5 min read

Note to self: always check your work

Trying out some new technology is always an adventure, especially if you start by assuming you know how to use it.

8 min read

How we harnessed the power of reactive programming with Refract

Have you ever wondered how open-source libraries built by companies come into existence?

9 min read

Just Keep Walking

Archive - A React-powered progressive web app

1 min read


Archive - Web design & WordPress theme creation for web agency

4 min read


Archive - Web design & WordPress theme creation

1 min read

Vegan Runners UK

Archive - Identity design for a nationwide running club

1 min read

CRUW Wellington

Archive - Identity design, web design & development for a charity in New Zealand

2 min read

Foundation Book Covers

Archive - University design project: book covers

3 min read

Sustainability Stamps

Archive - University graphic design project: postage stamps

2 min read

Knutsford Tri Club

Archive - Identity design for a local triathlon club

2 min read